PES 2016 PC Review

PES 2016 has been released a few days ago. While the next-gen console versions were met with much fan-fare, the PC edition was generally met with negative reviews. PC gamers are unhappy with one or more of the reasons below.

  • Graphics are not on-par with PS4 / XBOX1 versions
  • The game is simply a port of PS3 / XBOX360 versions
  • Screenshots on Steam are “deceptive” and not from actual PC gameplay
  • Game requires constant internet connection
  • Team rosters are not updated

These reviews made me think twice about purchasing the game on PC. In the end, I bought the digital exclusive bundle through Steam, and will like to share my thoughts on the game to help you make a better decision

1. Graphics
Yes it is not equivalent to the PS4 / XBOX1 version. There are countless graphics comparison videos on YouTube to show the difference. The lighting, contrast and texture looks different. However, there are patches to minimize the gap between PC and next-gen versions. Google  for the SweetFx patch and extract all the files into your PES 16 game folder and you will witness an immediate improvement in graphics.

2. Gameplay
I will say the gameplay is similar across all platforms. Judging from YouTube videos, gameplay on next-gen consoles seemed to have slightly smoother gameplay, but this could just be a visual bias due to the better graphics on these consoles. Majority of the negative reviews are about graphics, with some users even commenting that gameplay is grest and similar across consoles. Thus, i dont feel that PC users are losing out in the gameplay aspect.

3. Game Modes
These are similar for PC and consoles. In the PC version, you are required to be connected to the internet when you start the game, even if you are playing an offline mode. I suspect this is used by Konami for verification and reduce piracy, though I am sure it can be resolved by a crack file. There are some loading time required, which users with slower PCs and internet connections might want to take note off. If these are not concerns for you, you will benefit by being notified of the latest game updates once they are released.

4. Team roster
This might disappoint a number of users, since we want to play with the latest squads. Konami has announced that they will release a squad update in a week’s time, and even if there are further delays, i believe modders will release an option file with updated transfers. If you are a myClub player, team rosters will not be a concern to you.

If you are a PES fan and own a next-gen console, get the next-gen console version of the game for its superior graphics and larger online user base.

If you are a PES fan, do not own a next-gen console, have a decent PC and play online sometimes, get the PC version and download SweetFX or other patch to improve the game graphics.

If you are a casual PES player, I guess you can stick to PES 2015 since the gameplay (and roster) is pretty similar, or you can wait for further updates / improvements from Konami before deciding.

Hope this helps!

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