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PES 2016 Demo

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As you may have heard, the demo to PES 2016 has been released on Xbox and Playstation a few weeks back. You can log in to your respective marketplace and stores to download the demo.

Unfortunately, there are no demo for the PC version before the release date of September 15 2015.

I have played the demo version on my console multiple times since its release, and here are my thoughts on it, covering both pros and cons of it.


1. Built for passing

Recent versions of PES is built up passing, and PES 16 is no difference. To excel in the game, hold possession of the ball, make quick short passes and trigger player runs to unlock your opponent’s defence and make your way towards goal. PES tries to mimic the real game by requiring user to play a build up game and think of ways to unlock the defence, which gives you a satisfying feeling when your patience paid off with a goal.


2. Smart teammate runs

We noticed this is PES 2015, and fortunately it stayed in PES 2016 too, at least in the demo version. Teammates make smart attacking runs when you have the ball, without much intervention from you. On many occasions, you will notice your wingers make diagonal runs into the box when your midfielders have the ball. When you move a player out of this position and dribble with the ball, another player will move to cover his space (a good example of this is when side backs make overlapping runs when a winger cuts into the middle of the field). To take advantage of this, play the game with a zoomed out camera to spot teammates making runs into space, and play through passes to them. Keep an eye on the radar to spot players in open position as well.


3. Celebration

Taking a leaf out of FIFA games, you can now trigger celebration moves after scoring. Though there isn’t as much variations, it is still a welcome addition into the game. Press Square or Triangle after scoring to make running moves, and X and Circle to end the celebration with trademark moves (for certain players).


pes 16 totti selfie

Press X with Francesco Totti for him to take a selfie


There are other ‘hidden’ celebrations too. Run to the corner flag without pressing any button to trigger a ‘corner flag celebration’, run towards the sideline to take a team photo, run behind goal to trigger another celebration cut scene.

Have fun celebration your goals!


4. All AI teams play the same way

The game engine is built for passing, and that’s what all AI teams do for most of the game on high difficulty. The midfielders and attackers are good and keeping the ball, drawing your players to them, and making a through pass to unlock your defence. A suggestion will be to avoid committing to tackles, and adopt the jockey stance to stand your ground while covering potential passing routes.


5. AI Defenders have tendency to lose the ball

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This might contradicts the above a little, but I find that once you get the hang of the game, you can effectively apply team pressure on the opponent’s defence and rob them of the ball rather easily. I managed to achieve this a number of times in the demo version, which gives me a clear path of goal. This kind of kills the fun when you are able to dispossess the defenders easily and score in the subsequent 1-on-1 with the goal keeper.


6. Poor Shot Stopping by Goal Keepers

Top goal keepers like Neuer and Buffon in the demo version are not performing as well as they should. Yes they are doing their required job well in catching air balls and blocking shots, but I found that on many occasions, they have parried the ball directly into the path of an opponent striker, resulting in goals from easy tap ins into an empty net. These are definitely not the kind of goals you wish to score, or concede, especially when the goal keepers involved are among the top few in the game.


pes 2016 neuer

Neuer not performing as well as he should in the game


In general, the game is still enjoyable, the celebration moves are a welcome addition, and the game engine is similar to previous versions, meaning most of the tips you have picked up over the years will still apply. As this is just the demo version, I hope that some of the cons (questionable defence and goal keeping) can be improved on in the full release version.


Here are some other information about the demo


Game length: 7 to 10 minutes

Teams: Juventus, Roma, Bayern Munich, Corinthians, Palmeiras, Brazil, France

Stadium: Juventus Stadium

Tactical Options: Similar to PES 2015, with slight changes in presentation.


That’s the end of this post. Will love to hear your thoughts about the demo in the comments section below.

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