PES 2014 Demo

So the long awaited PES 2014 demo is out on XBOX and PS3!

I tried it out on the PS3 briefly. And here is a quick overview of the demo and new features.

Game Modes

The demo provide us with 2 modes, Training Mode & Exhibition Mode. Training Mode gives us a feel of the new game engine, and teaches us some of the new controls in the game, which I will elaborate more on in a while. Exhibition mode allow us to play a full match with the following teams: Bayern Munich, Santos FC, Manchester United, Colo-Colo, Boca Juniors, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal.


Statistics of the teams and players are presented in the hexagon shape diagram, something that was removed in the previous few versions.

Graphics is rather sleek looking. The opening scene feels a little unrealistic, with a heavy gloss/shine on the players, but the gameplay looks impressive.

Game Settings

We can now choose the 3rd kits of certain teams in the demo, such as Bayern Munich. Allianz Arena is also present in the demo.

Game Plan

Other than the form arrow, each player icon are also coloured, presumably to indicate their motivation level/condition as part of the new ‘The Heart’ system. We still have the ability to create 4 pre-set tactics. However, the new feature is the combination play function. Here, the pitch is divided into 11 parts, and you can activate 14 different types of combination play at any 3 pre-assigned parts of the pitch. Hovering over each combination play strategy will activate motion graphics to show you exactly what that strategy do. When you are in that position on the pitch, the combination play icon will appear on the bottom left hand side of the screen. Press L2/LT twice to activate the combination play strategy. The 3 players involved in the combination play will be highlighted and your teammates will make runs to execute the strategy. You may have to remember exactly the runs your teammates will make in order to perform these moves successfully.

PES 2014 Gameplay New Features

Teammate Controls

Teammate controls are still present, but will be activated differently. Instead of pressing the Right Analog stick button, you simply hold L1/LB, and push the Right Analog Stick in the direction you want your teammate to run. A line will flash across the screen to indicate that the command has been executed, and your teammate will make the run.


There are now 3 shooting settings – Basic, Advanced, Manual. Basic and Manual settings are similar to PES 2013, while advanced settings allows you to aim for the corners of the net. You can do that by pushing your left analog stick towards the top left, top right, bottom left, or bottom right while shooting to direct your shot towards the corners.

Set Pieces

Set piece system is given a revamp too. You now require both analog sticks to aim. During set pieces, there will be a dotted line from the ball towards the direction you are aiming. Push the right analog stick to adjust the direction your player is facing. Use the left analog stick to adjust the direction of the curl, as well as the height for your shot. Once this is adjusted, hold your left analog stick in position, and charge up your shot.

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More interesting options are available too, such as moving the defensive line up or down, making shoulder barges, or diving to block shots on goal. You also can hold off any markers that are close to you by pushing the Right Analog stick in his direction. This will be very useful when you have a strong striker in your team.

More to Come

This is just a quick overview of the game after playing a couple of games. Once I gain more experience with the new system, I shall update this post, thus do check back for updates.

Please share your thoughts regarding this PES 2014 demo too!


  1. Ammar Shauqi

    When will the demo will be out for pc? I can’t wait anymore!

  2. Author
    Zed Neo

    Hi Ammar I believe the pc demo will only be out around the release date of the actual game. Read that the reason being Konami does not want pc modders to alter the code of the game. Thus for now, only xbox and ps3 players can play the demo.

  3. Ammar Shauqi

    What? Awwww… 🙁 I’ve been waiting so long for it.

  4. Mustafa Kamil

    I playing pes2014 demo on ps3 now , I found the player motion very slow and there is a difficulty with passes and there is too many changes in game play that need special tutorial videos….. so , we will depend on you ( Zed) to solve this…. Regards to all.

  5. Author
    Zed Neo

    Yea 🙁 But it will be out in a few more days!

  6. Author
    Zed Neo

    Hi Mustafa,

    I am playing on the ps3 too. Yes there are changes to the game engine and a few new features are introduced as well. I am now testing things out as well, and will definitely create more tutorial videos for members such as yourself after the release of the actual game!

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