Lamela Rabona Goal

Lamela Rabona Goal

Hi guys,

In the champions league match between Tottemham and Asteras on October 23, Erik Lamela scored an amazing rabona goal.

It was a fine piece of technique that had the soccer world buzzing, with many players showering praise on Lamela.

The goal is everywhere on Youtube, just search for “Lamela Rabona” and you should see a number of results.

This rabona goal reminds me of the good old times in PES where we can perform the Rabona shot. It was in PES 2013, and the versions before, where we can perform a Rabona shot using players with weak foot usage of 3 and below, and shot technique of 85 and above.

Some players that fall into this rabona category are Di Maria, Podolski, and of course, Lamela.

Unfortunately, this feature is not present in PES 2015, as we can only perform the Rabona cross and not the Rabona shot that we all love.

We shall see if this will return in PES 2016? It may not be a good shooting technique for scoring goals, but it is the ‘ultimate showboating’, as what Peter Crouch tweeted.

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  1. Bernard

    Hi !!

    I would like to perform the Rabona Cross in PES 2015 PC, but it is not working?
    Did they take that out as well?
    Please E-mail me soon!!
    i would really like to do that and trick my opponents.

    peace out.


  2. Author
    Zed N

    Hi Bernard,

    Yes I think they took that out of PES 2015 🙁

  3. Champ mik


    This can be done in pas 15 and 16. To do this you need a expert dribbler like neymar. If you want to do this with other players then go to edit then players then edit player then select the player’s team then players abilities then rabona on.

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