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Effective Shooting Skills To Score More Goals

Shooting is the key to scoring and winning games. Learn about the basics of executing a good shot at goal. Find out how to pull of the various shot options to score cheeky goals and win. This tutorial equips you with the skills to decide on the best shot options to take in every situation.

Deadly Dribbling Techniques To Beat Defenders

Discover the secrets to dribbling past defenders and evading tackles. Identify the best dribbling tricks in PES and pull them off with ease. This tutorial shows you exactly the best location and situation to pull off the most effective feints. You will also find out how to maintain excellent ball control under pressure.

Splitting The Tightest of Defence

Master the techniques of accurate passing. Split the opponents’ defence with the deadly lofted pass. Fully utilise the teammate controls and manual one-two pass options to create unpredictable attacking runs and beautiful passing moves to defeat your opponents.

Pinpoint Delivery From The Flanks

Send in accurate crosses and score from headers and volleys. This tutorial highlights the basics of crossing, and shows you how to execute the variations of crosses in the game. In addition, learn about the techniques to connect with crosses and score spectacular goals. Highly recommended tutorial for teams with fast wingers and tall strikers.

The Great Wall of Defence

Find out how to defend in every part of the pitch, learn about unorthodox defending techniques, and finally uncover the ways to defend against the lofted pass all online players love. Whether you are protecting a precious lead or holding out for a clean sheet, this tutorial presents to you the top defending techniques used by all the pros.

Be A Free Kick Specialist

Score within 35metres, and acquire the skills to pose a threat from indirect free kicks. Find out the amount of curl and power to apply, how to use the free kick line, and which free kick taker to choose. Also, learn about defending against opponents’ direct shot on goal. Free kicks will now seem like penalty kicks to you.

Create Havoc From Corner Kicks

Send an accurate ball and score from corner kicks. Use inswinging corners, outswinging corners, short corners & more. This tutorial shows you the best practices to take corner kicks using all the variations. Spring surprises on your opponents and cause confusion in the box!

Dominating The Air

Challenge and win headers in the air. Being prepared for aerial battles helps you to retain possession and control the match. This tutorial contains concise information on winning both defensive and offensive headers, giving you an aerial advantage at both ends of the field.

Perfecting Your Penalty Kicks

Penalty kicks are easy to pick up, but hard to master. Here is how you can ensure consistency when taking penalty kicks, as well as how you can do your best to prevent your opponent from scoring from one.

Guide to Goal Keeping & Keeping Clean Sheets

PES 2014 now gives you more control over your goal keeper to stop your opponent strikers. Top players can control their goal keepers effectively to keep clean sheets, as well as to launch quick counter attacks easily. Learn the best tricks favoured by top players and unleash them on your next opponent!

Leveraging On The Game Momentum To Your Full Advantage

Having the game momentum in your favour is crucial to scoring goals and dominating the match. No longer will you be prone to errors from your players. From this tutorial, you will be equipped with the skills to swing the game momentum in your favour right from kick-off, and regaining it from your opponent as you mount a comeback.

The Master Tactician Guidebook

Learn about the best formations to use in PES, the type of players suitable for each position, and proven pre-set tactics to activate in the game. You will gather more information about how to set up your own formations, and access recommended formations to stop the tricks favoured by most players.

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This site pwns! u should make more articles so i can become better on last tournament i couldnt score but im practicing every day xD it we’ll get better Everything works great, best PES site I have ever seen. Okay only pes website i`we ever seen, but that`s not the point, the point is that this site pwns! NICE JOB!

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Your tactics throughout all this forum has been of great help. I have a friend of mine that keeps on challenging me to score a goal better that one he keeps boasting about, and I showed my knuckleshot goal by Ronaldo to him. I owned him Thanks for you help

- Yaeesh,

Excellent tutorial! I’m gonna put follow these tips today!

- Marcão!,

Thanks for your great tutorial. You put great effort and time for this.. Keep it up. Waiting for other tutorials as well

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i was struggling to win games in my Master League, even with teams that were far below me, i just couldn’t create chances. Then i found this site and my way to play the game totally changed. After following your advices played two games and scored 6 goals and also created a lot of good oportunities.

Thank you for saving me hahaha.

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You are impressing me more with each article you produce. Top Dollar Fella!

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Hey I gotta have to say, your site is THE BIBLE of PES, and you are it’s prophet. Take in consideration we really appreciate your efforts!

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